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security lighting

Good security – it’s all in a light’s work

One thing we’ve learned about preventing burglaries is that the earlier the deterrent the better…
In his career as a policeman investigating burglaries, Malcolm quickly discovered that criminals make snap decisions about which properties to target, and which they should leave well alone.

A lack of visible alarm system or an out-of-date model is a clear indication that a house is poorly protected. A lack of security lighting is another. One thing that quickly discourages would-be burglars more than almost any other is security lighting.

Remember, burglars do not want to be seen.

security lighting

Light-up time

Why use security lighting?

Be alerted
It can alert you to the fact someone has come to your property. 

It effectively exposes the burglar or potential car thief – suddenly he can be clearly seen by anyone pulling back a curtain. It will also give an excellent image on your CCTV system

It makes coming home to your house in the dark so much safer. It’s a great reassurance – particularly if you’re at home on your own – to come back to a well-lit drive or doorway.

security lighting

Security lighting that does what it’s supposed to

A good security lighting system won’t annoy anyone. And it won’t be triggered by every little thing. What it will do is give you the added reassurance that your home and car are much less likely to be broken into.

security lighting

Are there any problems?

When we talk to customers about security lighting, they’re often unsure if it’s a good idea. At first. A lot of people still think of unreliable security lighting systems that come on almost at random and only serve to annoy the neighbours.

Fortunately, security lighting has improved immensely in the last few years. It is now much easier to control and customise.

You specify what triggers the lighting.

You control the reach and scope of the beam so it won’t affect your neighbours.

You choose the strength of the lighting you need.