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Caught on camera

Domestic CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems give you a whole new dimension in home security.
Today’s domestic CCTV systems don’t just record what happens, they can transmit the images from the cameras in your home to a smartphone or computer over the internet.

So if the worst happens, and someone does break in (or try to break in) you can see it. And you can do something about it. Straight away.

CCTV Installation

What sort of CCTV systems do we recommend?

Our recommendation? That depends on you and your property. We’ll help you choose the CCTV system to match the needs of your home or business. 

We can advise which CCTV set up would be the best for you. 

cctv installation

Home security wherever you are

Perhaps the biggest reassurance CCTV brings is absolute access to your home, wherever you are.
Thanks to internet connectivity, you can log in to the feed from your security cameras on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. That means unrestricted access, around the clock, and from anywhere in the world.


Adaptable Security

CCTV is one of the most adaptable security systems available. Partly that’s because it can be fitted inside and outside. But there are other options available too: 

Choose from different recording systems 
From analogue or IP systems. They can both be viewed through the internet with the right appliances.

Select your preferred image quality
Today cameras have images of up to 8 mega pixels or 4k, these camera’s will give superb images
during the day or night with infra-red. There is also the option of 24 hour colour cameras.