Case studies


Case Studies

People We Have Helped

In November 2013 Maximum Security were contacted by Mrs Singh from Middlesex regarding a CCTV enquiry. Upon visiting the lady, who lived in the Heathrow area, and discussing her requirements it became obvious that she had a major concern with an elderly female relative’s welfare.

The elderly female was living in the house with the family and was very infirm. Only recently the elderly female had fallen down the stairs. As a result of the fall the Social Services became involved and made it obvious that they believed the elderly female had been abused and they wanted to place the elderly female in a care home.

Being an Asian family who felt strongly about caring for their elderly family members this had distressed the rest of the family and they were looking for some form of reassurance.

Maximum Security suggested installing internal CCTV cameras in the house. Consideration had to be made for the privacy of the elderly female, but also to give a reassurance to the rest of the family. It was decided to install one camera at the bottom of the stairs, which also gave a view of the lounge where the elderly sat and watched television and a second camera at the top of the stairs to cover the bedroom of the elderly female.

By connecting the camera system to the internet any of the family could check on the welfare of the elderly female. The family also had the reassurance that the CCTV cameras were recording at all times and should the elderly female have another fall they would have evidence of that fact.

Case study

CCTV System Upgrade

Mrs Smart from Flitwick had a problem with her CCTV system, the system was working but the cameras were not giving a very good image at night and they did not cover sufficient areas sur-rounding her home, also her Digital Video Recorder was not very user friendly. Mrs Smart lives in a very dark area of her street and she felt very vulnerable.

“I live at the end of a cul-de-sac which is very dark at night, particularly during the winter
and I did not feel particularly safe. I had two smaller cameras fitted some time before but they did not show the whole of the area I needed. I saw the advertisement for Maximum Security Systems and made an appointment to see Mr Jolly. Mr Jolly understood what I wanted and why, and he gave me a quote for the job which I thought was very reasonable and I felt I could trust him to do a good job. Mr Jolly and his son came on the day that suited me to put in the CCTV. They did the job very efficiently and unobtrusively and before they left they explained to me how to use it. I am extremely pleased with the job because I now feel very much safer. Even on the darkest night I can see the area around my house and I can replay the system if I want to, to see if anyone has called while I have been out.”