About Us

Maximum Security Systems

A Little Bit About Us

Maximum Security Systems bring together a retired policeman and a security alarms specialist – father and son, Malcolm and Steve. Our combined experience gives us a different take on the work we do. So there will never be a ‘hard sell’.

We’re not here to sell you the latest security gadgets that you might not even need – we’re here to help you select the right security or alarm system for your security needs, your circumstances and your budget.

The company started in 2011 and we’re located in South Bedfordshire on the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire border, and can provide our services in and around this area.

Choosing a professional

What do you want from a security company?

How do you choose the right alarm?

How do you choose the right security systems?

How do you choose the right security company?

Ask the same questions of a dozen different security companies and you’ll probably get a dozen different answers. 

Because it’s not just the alarms or security systems they recommend that matter, it’s their background, their experience, and the way they do things.

Maximum Security Solutions

It Starts With A Phone Call

To get started, give us a call on 01582 864138 or click here to email us – speak to us about your requirements and answer any initial questions to get the ball rolling. 

The next step will be a home or site visit. We’ll come to you so that we can assess and discuss your requirements in more detail. 

We’ll let you know what security systems we’d recommend for your property and budget. 

Next, we’ll book a convenient time and date to suit you, then Steve and the team will install everything and show you how it all works.